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Blue and Purple Hair Tricks That You Should Try This Year

Hair trends are not limited by space or time. They emanate from anywhere and the trending and current one right now is the blue and purple hair. it is an amazing blend of purple and blue hair that is created to look like starry night sky. there are other colouring tricks that use the same idea such as opal, mermaid and unicorn hair.

From highlights to ombre, you can achieve this look in various ways. The best thing is that blue and purple hair colour blend quite flawlessly and therefore you will not have issues with contrast when styling your own. Here are some of the best ideas for blue and purple hair you may consider to get started.

1. Opal Braid.

Opal is a trending right now and is a great look in jewellery. But this shade also serves as an inspiration for beautiful hair hues thanks to the blend of purple, pink and blue. This trend comes with purple and blue with subtle pastel colours for the whole shade that resembles a galaxy dye.

2. Mermaid Mane.

Mermaid hair is created to resemble the varying shades of the ocean. While many women opt for glowing green, blue and purple hair brings out an impression of the moon descending to the ocean at night. The scenario is colourful.

3. Geometric Undercut.

You don’t have to spend so much to shine like diamonds. You can achieve this without breaking your bank balances. With dark blue and purple hair colours, and a stunning undercut that resembles a gem, you can realise this look. the designed part and the big braid will enhance texture to your style.

4. Dazzling Double Braid.

It is amazing how a shade can transform the whole vibe of the haircut. On its own, this duo braid would appear more conservative, but the stylist went some steps further to incorporate pink, purple and blue colours to it and instantly everything changed. What a trick?

5. Stained Glass Sides.

 Hair trends can be created from anywhere and this is a good example to explain that. What do you see or feel when you look through a stained glass on a sunny day? Well, if you have done that before, you can understand this blue and purple hair idea better than anyone else. It is a look of proportions with vibrant secondary and primary shades on either side with smooth pastels on the crown.

6. Dark Unicorn Waves.

Unicorn colour can be made from different hues and not only the silvery and pastel shades. You can mix green and purple and the results are amazing. The roots create dramatic style yet a blend of colours. This hair colour idea is ideal for ladies with dark hair.