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Tips for Living with POTS

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Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome affects between one and three million people. It’s not a life-threatening syndrome, and the prognosis is generally good. Nevertheless, the symptoms can drastically change the lifestyles of those who suffer from it. Here are some tips to manage life with this syndrome.

General Lifestyle Changes

POTS affects the way the nervous system regulates the heart rate when going from lying to standing. Some doctors may recommend taking a beta-blocker to stop the heartrate from rising, but there are other ways to retrain the body to regulate itself.

  • Sleep with your head slightly elevated to more evenly distribute blood-flow.
  • Do cardio for 30 minutes a day to strengthen the heart and vascular system.
  • Consume more salt to increase the blood volume.
  • Drink 64 ounces of water or electrolyte fluid.
  • Eliminate common allergens from your diet like gluten and dairy.
  • Take enzymes before or after you eat to help with digestion.
  • Eliminate caffeine and alcohol to give your nervous system and cardiovascular system a break.

At Home, Work, and in Public

People with POTS need a full night’s sleep and regular rest in the day. When you’re at home, ask for help with chores from friends or family. At work, communicate your situation to your boss and let him or her know that you will need extra time in the day for breaks. In public, make sure you wear medical ID jewelry; the last thing you need is an expensive trip to the ER that you know is unnecessary. If you do end up at the doctor, having a digital medical id bracelet is a useful time-saver because the doctor can access your information directly from the bracelet.

The severity of POTS can range from an annoyance to stays in the hospital. Always go the emergency if your heart rate doesn’t drop back to normal after several minutes. Otherwise, employ these life changes, have patience, and expect a good prognosis.… Read More..

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4 Tips for a Better Smile

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Are you self-conscious about your smile? Could your teeth could be whiter, straighter or better aligned with your jaw? If you’re ready to crack a grin without hiding it behind your hand, here are just a few tips for a better smile.

♦1. Brush Your Teeth Correctly

You might be surprised to learn that are good and bad ways to brush your teeth. For example, brushing in a horizontal direction has been clinically proven to be less effective at removing plaque than brushing in a vertical direction. You should also make sure that you’re brushing long enough. One minute isn’t going to cut it; you should be aiming for two minutes or more.

♦2. Watch What You Eat

Sugar is notoriously bad for your teeth, but caffeine isn’t much better. Things like coffee, tea, soda and fruit juice can all eat away at your enamel and stain the surface of your teeth. Do some research into the foods and drinks that are bad for your smile, and take measures to avoid them the next time that you’re at the grocery store.

♦3. Consider Whitening Your Teeth

A professional whitening job can get quite expensive, but it will also last longer than store-bought strips. On the other hand, store-bought products will allow you to slowly whiten your teeth under your own power, so you won’t be shocked by a dentist going too white or not white enough. There are pros and cons to both methods, so give each of them equal consideration.

♦4. Talk to Your Dentist

You don’t have to be afraid of their drill. Your dentist can’t do anything that you don’t approve, and they might have some helpful suggestions for whitening or crowning procedures. Getting veneers Boca Raton FL might be exactly what you need for a picture-perfect smile.

These are just a few ways to get a brighter, white smile. Some of them will require a visit to the dentist’s offices; others can be achieved or attempted right at home. All of them will help your self-confidence as you create a better version of you.… Read More..