6 Right Facial Skin Care to Make it Brighter

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Skin health for women is very important to be maintained. Various kinds of skin care are often done to get bright skin. Bright skin has become the standard of beauty for many people because it is considered more attractive, so many people are competing to have fair skin. In fact, living in Indonesia with a tropical climate makes many women have brown skin. Because we live in a tropical climate, we shouldn’t be obsessed with fair skin.

Healthy skin is even more important to support your appearance, whether it’s brown or black skin as long as you are confident. There are various ways for you to always look beautiful with your natural skin tone, be it with makeup or skin care products. Caring for the skin does not need to spend deep. You can take care of your skin easily in this way,

1. Use Sunblock before Leaving Home

It is no secret that UV rays from the sun are bad for your skin. Avoid the sun during the day, because at that time, the sun’s rays are strong. Frequent exposure to sunlight can make the face wrinkle more quickly and cause black spots on the face. So, it is very important for you to always protect your skin by using sunblock, at least one that contains SPF 15. If you really have to leave the room at that hour, use protection such as an umbrella or long-sleeved shirt so that your skin is protected from the dangers of UV rays. from the sun.

2. Avoid Smoking

Smoking is a bad habit that not only damages your health, but can also damage your skin. Smoking habits can make your skin look dry because it narrows the circulatory channels, so that the distribution of oxygen and nutrients is reduced, which makes your skin and appearance look wistful. The skin of your lips can turn black and dry.

3. Exercise

Exercising, regardless of type, can make your skin healthier and brighten your skin. Exercise can improve your blood circulation, making your skin cleaner and brighter. Sports such as yoga can remove toxins from pollution and food in the body so that your skin can look brighter.

4. Get Enough Sleep

To make your skin healthy is to always sleep 7-9 hours. If you sleep less than 6 hours, this condition will affect your appearance. During your sleep, your skin produces collagen which keeps your skin soft. In addition, the circulation in your body increases when you are sleeping, so your skin can look brighter when you wake up. If you are sleep deprived, your skin will dry out and the fine lines on your skin will become more brighten.

5. Taking Care of the Skin Properly

All efforts to get healthy skin will not be achieved if you don’t take care of your skin properly. Going to a dermatologist is one way to get the right product for your skin. Dermatology clinical trial sites can help you find information about dermatologists near you so you can find the right product for your skin.

Here is a skin care sequence that you need to do:

  • Use a cleansing lotion first to remove makeup and dirt so that it doesn’t clog up.
  • Use a brightening wash, this face wash is great for removing your dirt even deeper.
  • After you wash your face, use a brightening softener to restore moisture to your skin.
  • Before going to bed, you can use the Brightening Night Moisturizing Gel to remove black spots on your face and moisturize your skin. If you are going out of the house, use a day Moisturizing Gel before leaving the house.
  • Complete your skin care by using Night Serum

The content of arbutin, green tea, licorice, aloe vera, and vitamin C can help disguise spots, ward off free radicals, and regenerate the gel.

  • Licorice, disguise spots, ward off free radicals
  • Aloe vera, prevents inflammation, provides moisture, regenerates cells
  • Vitamin C, disguise black spots

6. Eat Your Vegetables

Eating lots of vitamin vegetables can make your skin healthier. Vegetables and foods that are rich in protein can make your skin look healthier and smoother. We recommend that you eat vegetables that contain vitamin C and avoid junk food so that your skin can be healthier.