Best Post-Workout Nutrition

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We tend to put lots of efforts into our workouts to ensure great performance and attain our fitness goals. To help us reap the full benefits of our workout, the pre-workout meals we consume are very important. If you still go to public gyms and with the pandemic, you can no longer go. You can make your gym at home, use review sites such as BritainReviews to look at UK fitness equipment shops to find gym accessories. Ensure that you read the reviews of each equipment shops before making a purchase. Always go for the positively reviewed shops. This article focuses on the best nutrition after a workout session.

Importance of eating well after a workout

To comprehend how taking the correct foods will help the body after a workout session, it’s essential to understand how physical activity affects the body. During an exercise session, the muscles are fuelled by their glycogen stores, causing muscles to be partly short of glycogen. Part of the proteins in the muscles too gets broken down and damaged. After the exercise session, the body attempts to rebuild its glycogen stores and regrow and repair the muscle’s proteins. By consuming the appropriate nutrients after your workouts, you will help your body rebuild regrow and repair faster. Specifically, after workouts, it’s best to eat proteins and carbs. This helps;

  • Improve recovery
  •  Increase the synthesis of muscle protein
  • Decease the breakdown of muscle protein
  • Renovate the body glycogen stores 

Below are the best post-workout nutrition;

Omega-3 fatty acids

Studies have proved that omega-3 fatty acid supplementation aids in enhancing muscle protein synthesis and increases muscle cell size. Fatty fish such as salmon has high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Tuna is also another source of fatty acids. By taking fatty fish after workouts, this helps lessen the soreness in muscles.

Dairy protein

Milk protein helps to stimulate the synthesis of proteins in muscles which helps in the recovery process after workouts. Other dairy products that contain protein include:

  • cottage cheese
  • Greek yoghurt
  • ricotta cheese
  • Kefir

Just a cup of low-fat kefir offers 9.2 grams of high-quality protein. These proteins are essential, and after a workout, they help repair the worn-out muscles.


Typically after workouts, the body tends to have a lowered immunity. Consuming foods rich in carbohydrates after workouts help boost the decreased immunity levels. By taking carbohydrate as a post-workout snack, this will also promote the storage of glycogen.  Some sources of healthful carbohydrates include fruits, grains, sweet potatoes and quinoas. Quinoa is gluten-free; it’s also high in protein and fibre and is consumed as a grain. The fact that quinoa is also low in glycaemic index makes it an exceptional post-workout choice for individuals regulating their blood sugar.


It is important to make sure that one drinks lots of water prior to, during and post workouts. This helps keep the body hydrated, and the body benefits the most from the workout session. During exercises, a person’s sweats. This results in the body losing electrolytes and water, and thus by drinking water after exercise sessions, one promotes their recovery and performance. The amount of water you need to consume after your workouts depends on how much you have sweat, the type of exercise, your level of thirst as well as many other factors

Herbal tea

The chemical compounds and nutrients found in chemical tea aids the body in processing proteins and carbohydrates more efficiently. This helps in faster recovery after a workout

Post-workout meal ideas

some of the meals that one can enjoy after a workout are;

Egg scramble: Egg whites, whole eggs, sweet potatoes and vegetable can all be tossed with the preferred spices, and some fresh black pepper sprinkled on them.

Power smoothie: Here, take your favourite fruit, blend it with plain yoghurt, or some water, ice, or preferred dairy. You can also incorporate some healthy fats, such as your preferred nut butter.

Peanut butter:  This is used as a sandwich on whole-grain toast and is a great post-workout option. You can enjoy it with also some local honey addition, and you’ll have a meal rich in nutrients w, healthy fat, high fibre and plant protein.

Leftovers:  What you had prepared the night before will help refuel your body after some workouts. If it’s some quinoa, add some salad greens and sprinkle some balsamic and have a balanced meal.

In conclusion, workouts are a great way to help keep our bodies fit. However, to ensure we fully reap the benefits that workouts offer, we should ensure we have healthy meals after workouts. This article has offered healthy nutrition and meal options to have post-workout.