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Essential Elements that are a Must-Have for your Shaving Kit

It is that time of the month again. What time do you think I’m talking about? That time when you have to get a shave. By now, your beard has grown to mammoth size. As for the ladies you want to deal with that thicket of leg hair. Get a shave people as it’s the only way out. Others feel that this shaving process is too much that they prefer looking for shaving services. However, I think you understand that the beard, leg hair or armpit hair can all go away with paying anyone for their services. To beat the hair, get perfect modern shaving kit. Here you are going to learn how to gather the right tools for your shaving kit. A shaving kit with the right tools is an investment for now and the future.

The first thing is getting an awesome razor. Of all elements in the kit, this is the primary one. Razors in the market will vary from electric ones to the traditional type. For sure, each extreme will have its merits and demerits, but if you are new to this whole process, it is best you go for a safety razor. Safety razors are known to be well, safe to use, relatively cheap and have a small learning curve. A double-blade razor can be good for a newcomer, rather than the multi-blade razors since you are able to protect against injury. The razor should have its blades locked-in tight, be corrosion resistant and have a long handle to allow for more control.

Now we have already talked about safety razors but keep in mind that the safety is not in the razor per se but in the blades used. It is essential to select the blades well as they are the ones tasked with the actual shaving job. A well-chosen razor that has terrible blades will still harm your skin. You can go for a double-edged blade brand with sharp but smooth edges. By making this choice, you will be able to avoid skin irritation The goal is to get long-lasting blades that hold more value.

It is now time to get a good shave brush. Most shaving brushes are made from animal hair that is strong. The parameters to look at are bristle softness, water retention capabilities, and amount of cream that it can hold and apply at a go. You also need some good soap to go with the other equipment to get a good shave. The soap or cream is intended for lubrication prior to shaving; hence it should do this well and also contain components that are pleasant to the skin. Lastly is the aftershave, which should be alcohol-free to minimize irritation. Look for something alcohol-free, inhibits inflammations and good smelling. With all these adhered to, you can be certain that your shaving kit will not fail you.

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