Modern Diagnostic Methods You Should Know

In this modern age, science and technology have made significant advances in medical diagnostics. Below are 3 diagnostic measures used by physicians of various methodologies that can help you to pinpoint low points in your health and get your body back on track.

High Resolution Images

Traditional MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machines feature a tube-shaped magnets through which your body is inserted. There, radio waves combined with the machine’s magnetic field are able to produce accurate and comprehensive images of various organs and tissues. An open MRI machine, however, is formatted with an open face, ideal for claustrophobic patients who might find the narrow tube models triggering, or larger patients who require more scanning capacity.

Galvanic Body Scan

Doctors who practice naturopathic medicinal methods may test your skin’s electrical conductivity using bio-communication devices. These usually involve metal plates upon which to place your hands and feet, or electrodes that can attach to your skin. These, combined with analytic software, are able to diagnose physical deficiencies or weakness based on the signals they receive from your body. Your doctor will then be able to suggest supplements and any lifestyle changes that can positively target those areas.

Prick or Blood Testing

A Complete Blood Count test involves a drawn blood sample that is used to evaluate levels of certain cells, proteins, and other blood components. While a CBC may be ordered by your physician as part of a routine exam, it is also useful in diagnosing infections and illness when a host of symptoms do arise. A blood sample may also be subjected to allergy testing, although skin prick tests involving allergen-tipped needles — frequently administered on the back — may provide more comprehensive results.

Undergoing testing can put you at unease, especially if even just a trip to the doctor’s office is nerve-racking enough. However, such techniques are relatively noninvasive, and can assist you in regaining control of your body’s peak physical well-being.