Recovery Through Community

It’s all but impossible to find someone who hasn’t been touched by addiction in some way. If you’re lucky, it’s just a passing story about a doctor carelessly prescribing more pills than you needed. If you’re less lucky, someone you know and love is struggling with an addiction to alcohol or opioids or some other substance. For all too many people, opioid isn’t something that almost happened, or happened to someone else; it’s something they’re struggling with right now. If your are struggling with addiction, rehab is only the first step. 

Community Building

Getting clean isn’t easy, but staying clean is the part that really matters. Recovery isn’t linear, and one of the most important parts of recovery is community support. Be realistic with yourself about who can and can’t be a part of your community going forward. Part of that is staying away from people who might be a bad influence upon you. Another part is being honest with yourself about people in your life who don’t have the resources to give you the support you need.

Sober Living

You may want to start by looking for a recovery house in Arlington VA or your local area. Many recovery houses offer support beyond rehab, and if not, they may be able to help you find resources to get the support you need. Many have programs for getting you get back on your feet, finding a job, and building a community that will understand what you’re struggling with.

Sustainable Sobriety

The only thing you have to do is what’s best for yourself and the people around you going forward. There isn’t one path to getting clean, because getting clean isn’t a destination, it’s an ongoing journey. It isn’t a sprint to the finish line, it’s a marathon. Baby steps get you closer to your destination, just like big ones do. Remember: this marathon isn’t one you have to run alone.