4 Ways Taking a Walk Instead of Using a Car Contribute Greatly to Reduction in Carbon Footprint

Yes, It's (Probably) Safe to Keep Going on Walks Outside

These days, there is an increase in reliability and dependency on cars, and many people don’t know how it affects the environment and carbon footprint.

The dependency on cars is so ridiculous as people don’t even want to walk even to get something that is five minutes away- they’d rather take the car, burning fuel unnecessarily, which could increase carbon emissions and take a drastic toll on the environment.

The significance of leaving a large carbon footprint is that over time, it leads to global warming as all greenhouse gases are released into the air and atmosphere. Global warming can be very detrimental, and members of society have to play their part to sustain the earth.

There are various ways people can reduce their carbon footprint; it includes using alternative renewable sources of energy, using biodegradable materials, and using alternative forms of transportation like walking.

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Driving cars are one of the largest sources of the increase in carbon footprint and global warming. Since driving cannot be completely abolished, other forms of transportation that don’t consume so much fuel can be considered, such as walking.

Walking does not only help to sustain the environment but has a lot of positive health benefits as well. It helps to avoid the risk of certain cardiovascular diseases and reduce sedentary lifestyles.

Here’s how taking a walk helps you reduce your carbon footprint

1.     Avoiding traffic

Driving on its own causes gas emission and burning but this can’t be compared to traffic congestion. During these congestions, you’d burn higher than average amounts of fuel. This consumes gas a lot and creates or releases carbon dioxide. To avoid this, you can walk. Walking reduces the likelihood of burning excess fuel, reduces the stress of going through terrible traffic, is important to maintain your mental health and sustains the environment, reducing your carbon footprint.

2.     You’re burning the right fuel

With walking, rather than consuming gas from your vehicles that can increase carbon dioxide emissions from the exhaust pipe of your car, you’d be burning fat with each step you take. This means that walking not only helps to sustain the environment, but also helps to maintain a healthy weight and reduce health risks.

3.     No unnecessary acceleration or speeding

When you drive, you have the option to increase acceleration. This reduces mileage but wastes a lot of money and fuel that increases your carbon footprint, and promotes global warming. Walking helps to reduce this effect of pollution as it doesn’t cause carbon emissions.

4.     Reduces driving behavior

More walks lead to less driving. If everybody decides to take a walk often, the world would be on its way to improving sustainability, reducing carbon emissions, and global warming.

In conclusion, sustainable alternative sources of energy and transportation will go a long way in improving the quality of life and make the earth habitable to humans … Read More..

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