Food delivery in Bremen

Bremen is one of the famous cities in Germany. Its economical, cultural and political suggest it is a working-class city. It is very developed and holds manufacturing and multinational companies. Food industries are classified under the manufacturing sector. Hence this explains why the food sector is the second biggest industry in Bremen. The company creates a lot of revenue throughout the year due to producing quality food services. Food delivery started through fast-food restaurants that served prepared food. This idea was advanced by delivering prepared food door to door as people reduced going to hotels due to the TV programs that kept them in their homes. In 2020, many restaurants in Bremen were successfully registered to online food delivery services, which were attributed to the COVID 19 pandemic, which hit globally in March of the same year. Most restaurants take pride in producing local foods and recipes and delivering according to the German diets culture. However, there are other recipes and ethnic cuisine produced by the hotels, and therefore also, foreigners are also considered. Most orders are made online through a mobile phone or a laptop on the company’s websites or applications. Below are delivery services in Bremen.


Grubhub is among the leading food delivery company in Bremen. It is an international company that has branches in many countries. McDonald’s and FISHERMAN’S seafood companies have offered many tenders. Its delivery services are quick and accurate despite a large number of orders. They offer contact-free deliveries where customers order their food and are left on their doorstep, lobby or any other place according to the instructions placed on the order. Seamless is a delivery company that has partnered with restaurants so that orders can be made through their websites for delivery. Grubhub powers seamless, and they merged their host restaurants to operate as one company with both logos on display. This is because the seamless website is so popular, and consumers find it easy to order through it. Then the restaurants prepare the orders, and Grubhub does the delivery.

Big food express.

Big food express is a restaurant that does its deliveries. It has a lot of foods on its menus, such as Asian foods, pizza, chicken recipes and combos. The deliveries are free and fast. They are open throughout the week at specified hours, and their services have a good reputation. The orders can be placed through their app, websites or a phone call to their attendants.


Gorillas is a food delivery company that offers the delivery of supermarket goods and groceries at the same price as they are sold in those stores. They use bikes to do their services, and their motto is “fast than you” to show how quickly they are good at delivering. It does not only exist in Bremen; thus, it’s another international company with a wide range of markets.

Don Carne

Don Carne is a delivery company where every order and transaction is made on their online website. The company produces processed meat … Read More..

Is Food Making You Miserable?

If you’ve got heartburn for the ninth time in the last three days, you’ve got to know something is up with your gut. Many people can’t tolerate spicy foods, but if you already avoid spicy food, what else could it be? Have you thought about food intolerances?

Food Intolerance vs. Food Allergy

First, don’t confuse food intolerance for a food allergy. To diagnose a food allergy, you generally need a blood or skin prick test, whereas with food intolerances you can generally figure it out with an elimination diet or a Pinnertest. Additionally, food allergies come on rapidly and can be life-threatening. If what you’re experiencing is primarily uncomfortable, but survivable, then it’s probably an intolerance.


Second, recognize the symptoms of food intolerance. As mentioned above, heartburn and indigestion are common symptoms. You may also experience nausea, bloating, belching, excessive flatulence, fatigue, headaches and abdominal pain. Other symptoms are less common such as rashes or a runny nose.

Elimination Diet vs. Blood Test

Lastly, if you want to see if you have a food intolerance, try an elimination diet. Common irritants are things like dairy and caffeine. More information is coming out about certain carbs called FODMAPs (fermentable oligo-, di-, mono-saccharides and polyols) that can also trigger digestive issues in people with a susceptibility to them. There are several elimination diets out there and you can find a lot of information on the internet about them, however, check with your physician first before trying any of these diets. A doctor may have a preferred diet or can at least help guide you through the process.

Elimination diets are hard work and so the option to take a blood test (whether at home or in an office) to check intolerances is becoming more appealing and available. As DNA sampling becomes more and more advanced, so too will the tests checking what foods can and will work against you.… Read More..